This is one of the most beautiful of all the perennials. Of this species there are several varieties, of which H. diadematus and H. laci-niatus are the most important; these are the results of hybridization. H diadematus is a very prolific bearer of flowers, many times having from thirty to forty flowers upon it at a time; these flowers usually about three inches in diameter, are very rich in color, varying from white to a very dark maroon. H. laciniatus is also a prolific bearer, and occasionally reaches two feet in height; this flower, like the diadematus, varies from very light to very dark. The plants are very beautiful, and merit a place in every flower-garden; they may with a little extra care, be used as a house plant. Seeds should be sown in spring under glass, and let remain till large enough for transplanting. They should be planted in rows from six inches to one foot apart, owing to size. There need be but little loss in transplanting, as they are vigorous and readily accommodate themselves to their new position.

Both the above species flower during the whole summer.