The smallest kind of wit is that which makes fun of other people's ignorance. A Massachussets paper says: "A young chap from Shutesburg, Mass., having his girl along, took her to dinner at a hotel not far from Amherst the other day, and the pair were seated together at the table. Directly in front of them stood a glass containing celery, the white, crisp stalks still having the green leaves on them. Never having seen anything of the kind before, and mistaking it for something ornamental, he turned to his sweetheart and remarked, in a drawling tone: 'That's a hefty bo'kay, ain't it?'"

We should not be surprised to learn that the chap who wrote the above paragraph did not know whether the "bo'kay green" grew above or below ground, and how it was made white for the table. Fitznoodle often laughs at Hodge, but Hodge's turn to laugh comes sometimes.