Mr. P. J. Berck-mans, Augusta, Ga., says: - "I enclose a couple of flowers of a Double Carolina Jasmine. It was found growing in the woods near Columbus, Ga., some years ago. It is a really nice greenhouse plant, as it blooms very early and lasts a long time - besides it is as fragrant as a violet".

[This beautiful improvement will add much to the interest of our greenhouses. The plant is almost hardy in Philadelphia, but requires to be kept over in a cool house to get all the good out of it that it is capable of performing. - Ed. G. M.]

D. W. Langdon, Mobile, Ala, sends specimens of this which are 'double as a rose" and quite as fragrant as the single kind.

I notice in your April number that you acknowledge receipt from Mr. P. J. Berckmans, of Augusta, Ga., of two flowers of a double Carolina jasmine, etc. I write to endorse all that Mr. B. says of it. "It is a really nice greenhouse plant, as it blooms very early and lasts a long time, besides it is as fragrant as a violet."

But it looked a little funny to "our folks" to see it spoken of as a novelty, in view of the fact that it has been on sale at the Langdon Nurseries and in our catalogues for ten years or more. Where the original plant came from neither my predecessor nor any one now connected with the establishment knows. The general impression is, however, that it was found growing wild in the woods near the nursery. It is as hardy as the old-fashioned or single Carolina jasmine (Gel-seminum nitidum, sempervirens of Aiton), but is generally nearly through flowering before the single variety, which abounds in our woods, begins. Our main vine was until very recently a perfect mass of bright yellow flowers as fragrant as a violet and as double as a tuberose. You will see from my catalogue, page 54, that I class it among the hardy evergreen vines, and we have never had it under shelter, but I agree with you in the belief that in the latitude of Philadelphia, it would require some protection.

[This came to hand after the notice in our last was sent to press. - Ed. G. M ]