The name of this gentleman is familiar to most of our readers as the editor of the London Gardener's Chronicle, to which he succeeded on Dr. "Lindley's death. He is also known to others as one of the most distinguished of European botanists. The Gardener's Magazine of June 4th has a portrait, with a sketch of his life and service. He was born in Canterbury in 1S33, his father being a nurseryman, as well as once Mayor of that city. He became editor of the Gardener's Chronicle in 1865, and has conducted it with marked ability. One of the strong points in his editorial career, as it strikes an American reader, is the good spirit with which all horticultural questions are discussed in its editorial columns. If Dr. Masters ever felt that he had personal scores to settle with any one, certainly no one could ever learn this from his pen, and in this respect the Gardener's Chronicle has been a model in its class of journalism.