The following note taken from the New York "independent" of Oct. 9, 1879, may give the information which one of your correspondents desires: "To Dry Flowers with Sand." There are many of our brilliant flowers - such as dahlias, pansies, pinks, geraniums, sweet williams, carnations, gladiolus, which may be preserved so as to retain their color for years. White flowers will not answer for this purpose, nor any like hyacinth or cactus. Take deep dishes, sufficient to allow the flowers to be covered an inch deep in sand. Procure the common white sand such as is used for scouring purposes; cover the bottom of the dish with a layer half an inch deep, and then lay in the flowers with their stems downward, holding them firmly in place, while you sprinkle more sand over them until all places between the petals are filled and the flowers buried out of sight. Set in a dry, warm place. Some flowers will be dry in a week; others require more time. By this simple process flowers, ferns etc, are preserved in their proper shape, as well as color. - Home and Farm.