This is a remarkably handsome orchid, growing fifteen to eighteen inches in height. It is rather a difficult plant to grow, and I believe by all considered a miffy character, although with me it thrived under treatment of an ordinary kind. It requires a tropical stove temperature, with an abundance of water at the root and overhead while growing. Peat and sphagnum moss and a little charcoal suits it well; it does best in baskets made of wood; it also does well on blocks of wood, but I find in this country baskets are the best, as the plants seem to suffer if they once get dry, and a check to the growth of this orchid is its ruin. It blooms in early spring, lasting six or eight weeks, producing as many as twenty flowers on a spike, pure white with a few crimson spots on the lip. It much resembles Phalaenopsis amabilis, but it differs very much from that grand orchid, as it only expanded two or three of its flowers at a time. It is a native of Guiana.