Having read with interest the article on Epidendrums in your May number, page 139, I could not help writing a few lines on the above, which, I think, is a most charming orchid and of easy culture, provided it has plenty of water. It will grow almost in any temperature, the cooler the better. The best way I have found to grow this orchid is to fasten it to a block of wood, or a slab of burnt clay; not using any moss, as it does much better without, and give it plenty of water; in fact, it never ought to be allowed to get dry, not even in its resting season. I have found the more water it gets the better the plant looks, the leaves fresh and green, and the bulbs plump. Amongst the many plants that I had I used to dip one in the tank many times in a day, and the more I dipped it the better it looked. I advise those who have plants of the above to try my system, and I think they will be rewarded for their trouble with fine healthy plants and an abundance of flower, which they can look at for at least two months, if kept in a cool, airy house.

There are several varieties of this plant, like most other orchids, some of which are much larger than others Of course Majus is the best, being the largest, but however small those bright orange scarlet flowers may be, they are beautiful.