B. says: "If it is half as tenacious of life as Ailanthus, I suspect it will require ten times 'two or three times pulling of the sprouts' to kill the roots. I have been trying on an Ailanthus two years and have not finished yet. Our Town Council have taken one in hand, and instead of cutting it down at once have bored several holes in the trunk and filled with sulphuric acid. This was done late last summer and it remains to be seen with what success."

[The writer of this gave his advice from actual experience. Trees abounded on his several properties when they were first purchased, and the suckers from the old trees cut down were numerous. All signs of the trees disappeared after two seasons. The sprouts have to be pulled out as soon as a green leaf appears. Anything can be destroyed by this treatment. The writer utterly destroyed a quantity of the terrible pest - the horse nettle - Solanum Caroliniense in the same time by the same treatment. - Ed. G. M.]