M Lansing, Mich., writes: " At your convenience I would be glad if you could tell me what to do to make my geraniums bloom. I have them in a house with a southern exposure, warmed with brick flue, night temperature 50° to 60°. I have old plants and young plants, in large pots, 6-inch, down to 2 inch pots. They grow fairly, and come into bud and grow until as large as the inclosed, when they blight and seem to dry up. We keep the house quite damp, and sprinkle overhead every day, sometimes twice. We have had quite dark weather and very cold since October. If not too much trouble, an early answer will be thankfully received."

[We have had specimens of this disease several times from the West. The flowers are attacked by a parasitic fungus. As in all similar cases, we suppose an application of powdered sulphur would cure the evil. - Ed. G. M.]