This new variety makes a pretty colored lithograph, as we note by one before us. The whole branch is given, and this renders it difficult to judge of the exact merits of the variety, as examined bunch by bunch because in this mass it is difficult to see where a single raceme begins or ends. So far as we can guess, an average bunch appears to be about three inches long. So far as we can judge from the drawing, the berries are nearly as large as the cherry, while the bunch or raceme would be about one third larger. Mr. Downing says of it:

"This is very large and showy. As to 'Fay's Prolific,' judging from the branch you sent me, it indicates the most prolific bearer I have seen. The strings or clusters are very long, and hold their size well in proportion to the end. The clusters are much larger and longer than the cherry currant. As to quality, it appears to be about the same as the cherry currant."