In Gardener's Monthly for April, Mr. Edward C. Haines mentioned having a double Abutilon of eight petals. I have an Abutilon, "John Hopkins," that had a double flower as large as an ordinary single Hollyhock. It had eleven petals, arranged in two rows overlapping each other. I hoped it would go to seed, but it did not. This week the same branch has another flower with the same number of petals. The stamens did not change, but were much larger than usual, as was the calyx. Have had several twin double Hollyhocks, the flowers opening back to back, on the same stem; also twin Pansies, the stem united until near the flower, then the flowers opening side by side, with the same markings.

A geranium P. L. Courier, with cherry scarlet flower, had one truss part clear scarlet, one flower two upper petals scarlet, three lower rose pink, another clear pink, another just one petal pink.

Ageratum John Douglass has shoots of variegated leaves, light green and yellow; rooted cuttings still retain the variegation; whether it will be permanent or not remains to be seen. I found two plants of common barnyard grass, beautifully striped with white and pink. They were accidentally pulled up and perished. Thanks to C. E. Parnell of Queens, L. Island and others, who give us from time to time practical directions for cultivating different plants. Like "Oliver Twist" I am not satisfied but "want more."