The Courier Journal has recently been giving a history of gardening about Louisville. The first professional florist was Edward Wilson. He came there in 1836, and retired in 1860 to Geo. Walker. He has now nine greenhouses and seven acres of ground. Frank Litchfield commenced in 1865. He has five greenhouses. Henry Nanz is the oldest living florist. His first greenhouse was built in 1850. In 1874 he went into partnership with Mr. Neuner. They have twenty eight greenhouses and thirty acres. Francis Morat began in 1856. He has twelve greenhouses. In 1865, Ross & Kemper started, who were soon bought out by Anton Lauer. He has eleven greenhouses and fifteen acres. B. F. Rudy thirty years ago was an amateur, but sold out his establishment. Recently he has started as a florist, and has now three houses. Charles Rom-pen began again in 1872. He has six houses. In 1877, Jacob Schultz commenced. He has now four greenhouses. Mary A. Schwarz is one of the oldest flower growers, and has four greenhouses. The House of Refuge has a commercial greenhouse, worked by the inmates. Thirteen small firms are named which have one or more greenhouses. Outside the city limits are numerous scattering firms.

Those named are George Thompson, 1873, fifteen greenhouses, and W. Allen Richardson, 1877, but now with fourteen houses. Mr. Richardson was the first to build a house for roses exclusively, in Louisville.