The following questions of general interest have been handed in by Miss M. W. of Quaker Hill: - "As my queries last April were so kindly answered by several of the readers of the Monthly, I venture to come again and solicit more information on a subject which must interest many of your readers, as well as myself.

Though interested in every branch of horticulture, I am especially so in the culture of plants which produce fragrant flowers. Will some one be so kind as to enlighten me in regard to the Cape Jasmine, what special treatment it requires, &c? Will the Rhyncosperrnum jasminoidesgrow as a house plant? Ought window plants to be turned? Why is not the Devoniensis a favorite among rose growers? I can think of no fault it has, except it is not a free bloomer. Among nearly one hundred varieties which I cultivated last summer, it was my favorite. I think it perfect in form (the bud) color and fragrance. Are the Marechal Niels which florists grow for cut flowers usually grafted plants?"