Forced Tomatoes

On the 15th of January we had a sample of tomato which weighed one pound and half an ounce; and a fine cucumber twenty inches long, from Mr. James Paget, gardener, to Senator Cameron. We understand that the houses are full of these handsome tomatoes and cucumbers, and that it is the fifth successive year that the houses have yielded these good crops. Of the tomatoes, the writer says: "I could pick 75 to 100 pounds to-day." It is a magnificent specimen of good gardening skill.

Forestry In The Old Testament

The editor of the Farmer and Mechanic, says:

Apropos of Mrs. Clarke's letter on the timber supply of this State and country, we note a verse of Scripture which seems to indicate that tree-planting was a well recognized practice in even the oldest times. In Ecclesiastes, the Preacher saith - "I made me pools of water wherewith to water the wood (or grove) that bringeth forth trees."

A Root Museum

A Germantown inn-keeper has become famous by collecting roots which bore any resemblance to any being, spiritual or earthy. They are slightly touched up here and there, and are much more like the suppositious beings they are named for than things on rocks or in caves that tourists often go miles to see, and take years afterwards to talk about.

Trichostema Parishi

Under this name Dr. Geo. Vasey, in the Botanical Gazette, commemorates the services to botany of Mr. S. B. Parish, of San Barnardino, well known to our readers as an entertaining and instructive correspondent. The genus Trichostema may be known to some of our readers as containing the pretty wild flower, "Blue Curls."

Color Of Flowers

These are dependent on the action of tannin on the chlorophyl granules. This is the latest belief.

The Enemy Of The Vine

Phylloxera, according to an article in Nature, has been conquered; it was feared it would extend to graperies under glass and become universal, but a Mr. Dumas (not the novel writer), after systematic trials, has found a combination of sulphide of potassium in combination with carbon disulphide, forming the sulpho-carbonate of potassium, is a perfect, though so far an expensive remedy, - "an actual statement of fact." This is most important. See Nature 580, Dec. 9,1880.

Jean Liabaud Rose

The note in our last was based on a misreading of the MS. Our correspondent wrote Jean Liabaud, not Liaband.

Dr. Asa Gray

By letters recently received, Prof. Asa Gray was very happy at Kew. His chief labor is in investigations among the Compositae. He expects to return to America in the autumn.