In the November number of the Monthly, just to hand, "T. R., Chanute, Kansas," inquires "What kind of apples, pears, plums and cherries will thrive best in this locality?"

Let me say to T. R. that he can get a perfectly reliable answer to that question by calling on Mr. James Truitt, Captain G. W. Ashby, or Dr. Bailey, banker, all old residents and experienced growers of these fruits, in that locality.

If T. R. will send one dollar, with his address, to G. C. Brackett, Secretary Kansas State Horticultural Society, Lawrence, Kansas, for a copy of the Society's last report, he will not only find the information he calls for, but much other information upon the horticultural interests of the State worth many times the money to him if he locates in the State.

In this report he will find that the Society has given the following list as the one to be relied upon, as far as the experience of orchardists of the State in the past have proved:

Apples - Summer, 5 Varieties

Early Harvest, American Sum. Pearmain, Carolina Red June, Red Astracan, Early Pennock. Autumn, 5 varieties. - Maiden's Blush, Fall Wine, Fameuse, Rambo, Lowell. Winter, 10 varieties. - Winesap, Ben Davis, Dominie, Gilpin, Rome Beauty, Willow Twig, Jonathan, Missouri Pippin, Rawles Janet, White Winter Pearmain.


Bartlett, Duchesse d'Angouleme, Howell, Flemish Beauty, Buffum, Louise Bon de Jersey, White Doyenne, Seckel, Vicar of Winkfield, Sheldon.


Crawford's Late, Heath (cling), Large E. York, Stump the World, Old Mixon (free), Crawford's Early, Hale's Early, Amsden June, Alexander, Wyandotte Chief.


Wild Goose, Miner, Chicasa.


Lombard, Sand.


Early Richmond, English Morello, May Duke, Belle Magnifique, Common Morrello, Gov. Wood.

I wish to say to T. R. that he would do well to give heed to the advice and experience of those who have gone before and tested this matter.