The Maryland Farmer for February has a few more notes. Mr. Charles J. Baker has two plant houses, one rose house for winter flowers, and two grape houses. Mr. Daniel Thorley is regarded as a first class gardener, excelling especially in the production of fine vegetables, and in keeping the grounds neat and clean. Mr. Wm. Frick has a place of great landscape beauty, and it is well planted; there are two plant houses and a grape house. The famous fruit and greenhouses of John Hopkins are now rented to Mr. Fowler, formerly Mr. Hopkins' gardener. John W. Garrett, Pres. Baltimore & Ohio R. R., has a range of houses for plants and grapes; one house is especially devoted to raising flowers for cutting. The grapes are remarkably successful. The place is comparatively new, and yet affords scope for future landscape gardening activity. Mr. W. T. Walters has grounds of great landscape beauty, and always kept in admirable condition by Mr. Frazier, gardener. There is a range of buildings for plants and flowers, and a fine and successful grapery. Mr. Ernest Hoen is fond of specialties; herbaceous plants are favorites, as also are gloxineas, and plants of that class. There are three greenhouses, and the place, though small, is admirably kept.

Mr. Henry Taylor has two houses for flowers and grapes, and attention is given to fine bedding plants. Mr. Edward Kurtz has been an enthusiast in gardening for sixty years. He has a grand collection of camellias and azaleas. He has one long house devoted to plants, and though over eighty years of age devotes much of his time to the pleasures of gardening.