Time and again have we to tell our readers that no business matter of any Kind Can Appear In Our Reading Pages.

We print it in capitals to avoid any mistake. Here is a good friend who professes to feel aggrieved that we took no notice of his request to have his catalogue and general business noticed in our reading columns, "though I," he says, "offered to pay you handsomely for the notice. All respectable papers do, and especially the religious papers, and surely you are not so much of a Pharisee as to believe you are better than other men." To all of which we have only to say, that to give a notice free to one, while we make another pay, is an injustice to the one who honestly pays for his advertisement, and we should expect them to stop advertising when they found others had notices free. On the other hand, to take pay for a "reading notice," the public being led to believe it is the unbiased opinion of the editor, is a fraud on the public. It may be that "they all do it." Perhaps they "all copy in this from religious papers." Even it may be that we are with the miserable Pharisee. So be it. At any rate we never have, nor ever will give business notices in the reading columns of the Gardener's Monthly, either well paid for or free.