This is the plant inquired about in the following paragraph from the Garden:

Will any American friend of the Garden tell me to what plant Oliver Wendell Holmes alludes in the following passage from the "Autocrat of the Breakfast Table": "Perhaps the herb Everlasting, the fragrant Immortelle of our autumn fields, has the most suggestive odor to me of all those that set me dreaming. I can hardly describe the strange thoughts and emotions that come to me as I inhale the aroma of its pale, dry, rustling flowers. A something it has of sepulchral spicing, as if it had been brought from the core of some great pyramid, where it had lain on the breast of a mummied Pharaoh. Something, too, of immortality in the sad, faint sweetness lingering so long in its lifeless petals ; yet this does not tell why it fills my eyes with tears and carries me in blissful thought to the banks of Asphodel that border the River of Life."