In our last year's volume we noted the receipt of some fine apples from Nevada. As showing that other fruits will also do well in this new State, we give the following interesting note from a lady residing in the Washoe Valley: "Measurement of a cherry tree in our orchard, set out in 1864. It has large, soft leaves, and red shiny bark; trunk two feet from ground, 3 feet 10 inches; three branches, 3 feet 9 inches from the ground; first, 2 feet 9 inches; second, 2 feet 6 inches; third. 1 foot 10 inches; diameter of lowest branches, 30 feet; it is about 25 feet high, perhaps more. It does not set the cherries very well, but every year it gains a little, and will likely bear a full crop when older. It is a beautiful tree if it never had a cherry on it. The cherry is yellow, with a red side next the sun, round and large. I do not know the name."