Hardy Peaches

V. B., Kingston, N Y., asks: "Would Mr. H. M. Engle, the writer of the article on Early Peaches, in the September number of the Gardener's Monthly, be so kind as to name a few varieties which would be likely to stand the climate along the North River, New York?"

Fruit Changes In Locations

A lady writing from Washoe Valley, Nevada, says: - "I believe varieties change very much in this climate; both color and quality differ from California apples. Even in the lower valleys, for instance, on the Truckee (the Alafala region). The same kinds vary and are inferior to the higher valleys where the earth is not volcanic, but black earth or vegetable formation."

Layering Grapes In Vineries

J. H. H„ says: "What is the object of laying down vines in cold graperies? When should this be done?"

[It is desirable when a rod has been weakened below, and is still vigorous at top. It is brought down and layered, so as to throw out roots from near its vigorous portion - or its roots may be unhealthy - and it then gets newer and better roots. It is done any time before growth commences. - Ed. G. M.]

Another Original Seckel Pear

P. H., near Dover, Del., writes: - "I, too, have my "original" Seckel pear tree. It grew on a farm about two miles above Dover, and was a bearing tree during the Revolutionary war."

[It is well our correspondent did not "bet his ginger cake" on this, as our friend did, for we should have probably "come down" at once, seeing that the other cake has not yet been sent to us. - Ed. G. M.]

February, 1881. Forestry. Communications. Walnut Timber

I hand the following clippings to you to make such use of as may please you:

Legislation On Forestry

Sec. Schurz urges the enactment of a law, prescribing severe penalties for the willful negligence or careless setting on fire of public lands, and providing for the recovery of damages sustained.

These things look well on paper. Nine-tenths of those who wilfully or carelessly set fire to forests have nothing but their hides to collect damages out of, and the other tenth would be able to give the poor wretch law enough who by the law should endeavor to get damages out of them.

The Philosophy Of Variations

We get early and late kinds of fruits, but seldom inquire why they are so. An English firm advertises a new gooseberry, and they say though it blossoms later than other kinds it becomes large enough to give green gooseberries for pies before any others. These restings of the parts of flowers and then haste to recover lost ground are curious. It is true that they do occur.