Our readers were no doubt pleased with the representations of these improved Pelargoniums as given in Mr. Heinl's colored plate advertisement, which appeared in the March number of our magazine. It is often said of these colored plates that they are pretty as pictures, but how about the plants? Here before us are some real flowers of these Pelargoniums, and we must candidly say that they are superior to the representation as advertised. We have spread the flowers out on paper, and they measure two inches and a quarter across! So well improved as these have been there seems no reason why they may not as entirely displace the "Cape Pelargoniums" as the monthly Carnations have the popular florists' varieties of our forefathers.

Heinl s Monthly Pelargoniums 5

Double Ivy Leaved Pelargoniums

These are being improved rapidly. The Florist and Pomologist, one of the most valuable of the illustrated English gardening magazines gives colored plates of three - Gazella, Gloire d' Orleans, and Mons. Dubres. The first was raised by the well-known enthusiastic nurseryman, Mr. Wm. Bull, the second by Lemoine, and the third by a less known French florist, Dubres.