The Massachusetts Horticultural Society having invited the American Pomological Society to hold its next meeting at Boston, the Eighteenth Session will be held in that city, commencing Wednesday, September 14 1881, at 10 o'clock, A. M, and continuing for three days.

This session will take place at the time of the Annual Exhibition of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society.

All Horticultural, Pomological, Agricultural, and other kindred Associations in the United States and British Provinces, are invited to send delegations as large as they may deem expedient; and all persons interested in the cultivation of fruits are invited to be present, and take seats in the convention.

This session will be held at the home of its President, where, after an interval of years, occasioned by ill health and a serious accident, he hopes to have the pleasure of meeting, not only his old friends, but others from the various sections of our country, and again to unite heart and hand with friends for the promotion of the objects of the Society.

Arrangements will be made with hotels, and, as far as possible, with the various railroad lines terminating in Boston, for a reduction of fare. Wherever possible, it would be best that such arrangements should be made by the various delegations with roads in their localities, as rates made by Boston roads will apply only to their lines.

Members, delegates, and societies are requested to contribute specimens of the fruits of their respective districts, and to communicate in regard' to them whatever may aid in promoting the objects of the society and the science of American Pomology. The sense of the last meeting of the society was that the exhibition of large collections of fruit is not desirable, but that the show of fruits should be confined mainly to new or rare varieties and remarkable specimens, or such as being peculiar to any locality, or for any other reason, possess special interest. Intending contributors - whether as states, societies, or individuals, - will oblige by giving notice as far as possible, and at an early date, what quantity they propose to exhibit. Three specimens of a variety will be sufficient, except in fruits of special interest. Each contributor is requested to prepare a complete list of his fruits, that a report of all varieties entered may be submitted to the meeting as early as practicable. A limited number of Wilder medals will be awarded to objects of special merit.

Packages of fruits, with the names of the contributors, may be addressed as follows: "American Pomological Society, Boston, care of Massachusetts Horticultural Society." Freight and express charges should be prepaid.

All persons desirous of becoming members can remit the fee to E. W. Buswell, Treasurer, Boston, Mass. Life-membership, twenty dollars. Biennial, four dollars. Life members will be supplied with back numbers of the proceedings of the society as far as possible. Col. Marshall P. Wilder, Boston, Mass., is President, and Robert Manning, Secretary, Salem, Mass.

The following named gentlemen will prepare papers, or make addresses:

Dr. John A. Warder, Hon. P. J. Berckmans, Professor Thomas Meehan, Professor W. J. Beal, Professor George Husmann, Hon. George W. Campbell, Josiah Hoopes, P. T. Quinn, and W. C. Barry.