H. M. N., Chattanooga, Tenn., writes: - "Is there any such plant as a double fragrant pansy? If there is, where can it be procured? And how are special kinds of pansies most rapidly increased? Also, can you tell me of some good work on hybridizing?"

[There was once a double pansy; we have not seen it for a dozen years or so. Pansies can be propagated by not letting them go to seed, and dividing the roots. There is no work on hybridizing. It is so simple it can all be told in a few words and does not need a separate volume. We take two species closely allied, and cut out the anthers of the female plant before the pollen dust appears. Then we apply to the stigma the pollen dust of the kind we desire to use as the male parent. Some delay a day or so until, as they say, the pistil is ready. But pollen will keep for years fresh and good, and it may as well be lying on the pistil as anywhere else till the Stigmatic surface is ready for it. - Ed. G. M.]