Before 1875, we never heard of a worm in California fruit; in 1877, wormy apples began to appear in our market, an ' this year we have worms in pears, apples and peaches. They are not numerous, it is true but they excite apprehension for the future. So far as we have seen or heard, they do not lead to any distortion in the growth of the fruit, and they have not ruined the entire crop of any orchard as in many Eastern States. We were told ten years ago by a very competent observer, that the curculio had made its appearance in Tuolumne County; but, if the report was correct, the little pest did not find the climate or other circumstances favorable, and he is not known in the State. Our cherries and plums can be eaten safely with the eyes shut by those who adhere to a strictly vegetarian diet. - Alta California.