This striking novelty is thus described in The Garden, vol. xxi., p. 336, where a wood-cut of the plant is given: - " The zebra-striped rush is apparently a form of our native species. Like the zebra grass (Eulalia japonica zebrina), it originated in Japan, and has reached Europe by way of America, and has been introduced by Messrs. Veitch. It is a striking plant when associated with others, as its peculiar rigid habit of growth and singular markings stand out in bold relief." A wood-cut is also given in the Gardeners' Chronicle for 1S77, p. 399, with the editorial remark that "The plant is variegated as few plants are, viz.: in the form of rings of yellow color, alternating with similar rings of green. It is likely to be a favorite as the variegation is distinct, the plant hardy, and the culture of the simplest." It is a very desirable plant for the margin of ornamental water, and other places suitable for bog plants.