From J. K. Hudson. Secretary. A few years ago the writer of this was sitting in a leading hotel in a far Southern State discussing with representative Southern gentlemen what could best be done to make Southern Agriculture prosperous. In the course of conversation one remarked: " It surprises me that one preparing to emigrate, should prefer, a State like Kansas, for instance, to ours. We have a magnificent soil and climate, cheap land and the richest pasture for cattle, where the animals may roam at large all through the winter without any care from the hand of man. We have magnificent rivers well stocked with fish, and harbors that will hold all the merchant vessels of the world. There is, indeed, no natural advantage that any one of the States have but we have them all in one down here. Yet they go to a State like Kansas, and give us the go-bye. A State where they are roasted in summer and frozen in winter; eaten up by grasshoppers one year and dried up the next, where the soil is often so rocky that they have to grub and sweat to get it ready for grain, or else it is so dry that a grain will hardly grow. They neglect our magnificent forests and settle on land where they can hardly get a stick to burn." Just as we replied then, this report proves now.

The State is full of live people, who know that no use having good things without letting the world know about it. Possibly no State has done more in the way of advertising its advantages than Kansas, and no State has reaped so great a reward. It is now one of the most prosperous States in the Union, and it deserves its success. This report is full of statistics, referring to every county in detail, so that any one engaged in any special pursuit can see at once where it would be best to settle in view of his special calling. He need not spend his all in tramping around for years to find out his mission. With such a guide as this in his hand, the intelligent emigrant will not be at a loss to know where to settle.