I have for some years used shutters made of plaster laths for a window 3 by 6 feet. I use ten laths across and one and a half in length, making fifteen to a shutter, nailed on four cross pieces, with a space of an inch and a half between each lath, the cross pieces long enough to fasten on the sash, with screws on both sides. I was induced to try shutters some years ago after a hail storm had made havoc amongst my windows, and it has worked to my satisfaction against hail and in shading, for if the hail does not come square against the window it will not hurt the glass much. I take the shutters off in cold weather, and put them on when warm enough. It costs very little, and lasts several years. Against hail the laths are to be from some tough wood; I use elm. But for shade pine will answer, besides keeping the house cool.