In a recent address at Dayton, O., Miss Carrie Brown says: -

"Some European countries and a few States, I believe in our country, have a law that should be universal, that is, one making it compulsory to keep down troublesome weeds, and providing that any one who allows them to grow, can be sued by his neighbor, or the weeds can be destroyed and expenses charged to the negligent person. Such a provision is a good one, and if not permitted to remain a dead letter, would with a little exertion on the part of farmers and others interested, result in our having something to please the eye in these public places instead of the uninviting scenes that most of them now present."

The editor had occasion recently to mingle with a party of representative farmers of Delaware Co., Pa., noticing weeds everywhere. The question was put to one why the "the law against weeds " in that county was not enforced?" Because," was the reply, "there is no one who feels it quite safe to throw the first stone, - his own glass house might be broken." Yes! they all had weeds!