The tree under which Logan the Indian warrior made his famous speech, is still standing in the farm of James T. Boggs, near camp Lewis in Ohio. The "Stockman" of Pittsburg says:

"The old elm is located one mile from Camp Lewis, six miles from Camp Charlotte (now Leistville), and two miles from the present bright and handsome little town of Kingston.

"Thanks to the thoughtfulness of Mr. Boggs, whose zeal in caring for it is most commendable, the tree is in a flourishing condition, and bids fair to stand for the admiration of many generations yet to come. The elm is now ninety-seven feet in height, twenty feet in girth, and its shade covers an area of one hundred and twenty feet in diameter. Mr. Boggs takes pleasure in showing his historical treasure to strangers, and any who call on him will spend a pleasant half-hour in listening to his ever interesting story."