In the Pharmaceutical Journal of Victoria, Dr. Mueller describes a new! species under this name. Dr. M. does not regard Macrozamia as essentially different from Encephalartos. The pungent summits of the flower and fruit scales, besides geographical considerations are all that seem to characterize Macrozamia. In reference to this species he says:

"It remains to be added that the interest attached to this species rests not merely on its stateliness for scenic purposes in horticulture, its stem (like the trunk of its congeners) containing a peculiar starch, though garden traffic ought to hold this Zamia too valuable to be sacrificed for technical purposes; but the acrid principle which pervades these plants, and especially the alluring fruits, is so intense that fatal poison cases have actually occurred in these colonies from consuming Zamia fruits without maceration and baking, yet the peculiar principle of acridity has never been chemically ascertained, and thus awaits, perhaps for important therapeutic purposes, careful elucidation."