"Subscriber," Denver, Colorado, says: - "Would you be kind enough to inform me how to lay out practically a five cornered or five angle star. Have laid them out for flower bed purposes, but thought they were not as true and correct to the eye as could be made.

Making A Star 9

Therefore I thought some of the readers who are no doubt better posted on geometry than I am could instruct me in the true and correct way to lay out such a star perfectly?"

[For practical purposes a little ingenuity will enable one to do as well as by geometrical rules. For instance, in making a star, one might describe two circles, and then divide each into five equal parts - the division of the interior circle being alternate with the outer ones. By the use of straight lines, squares and circles, almost any figures may be worked out. We give above a star worked out by dividing the circles in this rough way. - Ed. G. M.J