By W. J. Farlow, M. D., from the U. S. Fish Commissioners' Report for 1879.

This work by Dr. Farlow describes all the known sea weeds of that portion of the United States which runs from Eastport, Maine, to the coast of New Jersey. Of the work itself, that it is done by Dr. Farlow is sufficient guarantee of its excellence, standing, as he does, among the highest of those who have made a study of the lower order of cryptogams. He finds eighty-four genera, none of them, however, containing a large number of species as compared with what we find in flowering plants.

Some of the rarer species are illustrated by detailed drawings. The "list of works consulted," is in accordance with Professor Farlow's usual complete way of rendering his fulfilled tasks, and is in itself a valuable contribution to algaeology. The desire for strict accuracy is one of the marked features of Prof. Farlow's work. His lists of "errata" usually correct little things which most persons would let pass, feeling that the reader will surely be able to make the correction without any aid from the author. It is a good illustration of the almost impossibility of getting the proof-reading absolutely correct in any work to find at p. 193, line 11, "L. Rahen-horst," printed for Rabenhorst, and have the error escape the lynx-eyed author. When we meet with these cases, we take comfort that a rapidly printed monthly magazine may not be always perfect.