Mr. Feast continues his interesting sketches in the Maryland Farmer. Mr. A. S. Abell, of the Baltimore Sun, has a pretty place at Guilford. The grounds are large, well kept, and well arranged from a landscape gardening point of view. There are graperies and greenhouses. Azaleas, eight and ten feet in diameter, are among the choice plants. Of our excellent contributor on orchid management, Mr. Feast says:

"Captain Snow, one of our most enthusiastic amateur florists, resides not far from Bel-Air, in Harford county. He has several houses devoted to a good collection of plants. His love for horticulture, combined with practice and theory, enables him to understand the treatment of must plants. If proficiency is the aim, one must read and labor before he is capable of being a judge of the true merits of plants, and know how they should best be cultivated. The captain is such an one. His collection of orchids is very superior; some of them he imported, but most of them he collected during his many visits to the tropics, where he saw them growing in their native climes. Many of them are splendid specimens. Having become familiar with their habits in their homes, he has no difficulty in rearing them and keeping them in fine health and condition. His grounds about the house are occupied with trees, evergreens and flower beds, which present a pretty appearance. He has a fancy for herbaceous plants, of which there are found some choice specimens. There is a fine orchard of pears and other superior fruits. Pears do well in this section.

Mr. Snow has everything done under his own direction, and seems to take great pleasure in attending assiduously to his own business."

Mr. John Merryman, the famous farmer, is also a lover of gardening. Mrs. Merryman is not only a lover of flowers, but manages the greenhouse herself.

Governor Carroll's place is famous for fine specimens of hardy trees, its bedding plants, and its old style garden, a fine greenhouse, with choice and well grown plants, including many rare orchids.

Henry Hazlehurst has a country seat, with a magnificent view; greenhouses, with fine collections. Mrs. H. is a devoted lover of flowers, and takes a personal interest in the gardening arrangements.