I noticed in the February Monthly some one inquiring how to destroy the Mealy Bug. I find a small brush costs ten or fifteen cents; half a pint of alcohol; pour out about a thimble full at once in a cup, apply it with the brush some rainy day. It will soon make them scarce. It is better to keep a look-out after those plants which are subject to it.

I add my testimony with pleasure to Dreer's and Henderson's coleus being satisfactory for the window, greenhouse or garden, with the exception of one or two already mentioned in the Monthly, especially where you have partial shade. A bed of them was very much admired by my employer and his friends during the latter part of the summer. Also a bed of Sedum cor-sicum from seed, with border of Echeveria, glauca and alternantheras. One or two little nick-nacks, as your taste suggests; bed heartshaped.