We are sure our readers will be sorry to learn of the death of this young lady, whose interesting sketches of Virginia wild flowers in our magazine during the past few years, gave promise of great future usefulness. She was the youngest daughter of ex-Senator Hunter, who, with her aged mother, is still living in the old homestead near Lloyds, where she died. From one of her friends we have the following tribute to her memory:

" Died at the residence of her father, R. M. T. Hunter, in Essex County, Va., on the 11th of June, 1881, Miss M. Evelyn Hunter, at the age of 26 years. Having made in early life a profession of the Christian faith, subsequent years had developed her character to fit it for a calm and noble life. An exalted purity of thought and action, combined with a quiet devotion in ministration to the wishes of all around her, endowed her with a peculiar gift of usefulness and efficiency. An ardent love of nature in all its forms, animating a vigorous constitution, prompted her in her quiet country life to form extensive acquaintance with the beauties of the vegetable world, and her interest in any new type of beauty was as intense as it was untiring.

Many schemes for the development of fresh resources from the inexhaustible wealth of the florist's world have perished with her opportunity to promote them, and in the termination of her brief but remarkably beautiful career, many, even outside of her personal acquaintance, will share with the latter their deep regret for a common loss."