Oncidium ornithorhyncum is best grown in a pot, in a mixture of orchid peat and sphagnum moss. It is one of the easiest of orchids to grow. It should be kept in a temperature of from 50° to 55° in the winter. In growing it, it is best to be careful in selecting varieties, as one kind is much superior to others.

Miss M. W

Cape Jasmine will flower very well if planted outside, like any flowering shrub. If early flowers are desired they require strong heat. It is very doubtful whether the Rhyncos-permum would grow as a house plant. The fault of the rose Devoniensis is its want of free blooming. House plants should be turned. The Marechal Niel grown by florists are not usually grafted.

R. L. B

A shading for greenhouses which has given me perfect satisfaction is as follows:

To one gallon of turpentine add one pint of boiled oil. Apply with a whitewash brush. If applied once in spring, and again in midsummer, will be sufficient. A little touch of potash and a woolen rag will take it off in the fall.

H. S. P

Moss mulching on roses should only be used in the summer when evaporation is rapid, say from April 1st to October 1st. It has proved a total failure during the winter, according to all the growers who have tried it.