It may be interesting to some of the readers of the Gardener's Monthly to hear of a plant, which although frequently found in greenhouses on the other side of the water, is rarely met with in this country. I have not been able to find it in any of our catalogues of plants (excepting Buist's), but some months since a friend, who is a lover of rare old roots, gave me a plant of the above name. It has now, June 1st, been in bloom several weeks, and may last for a month longer. The plant is small; flower stalk about eight inches high; flower star-shaped, of an orange-golden color, and leaden eye. It expands fully in the sun and closes somewhat at night. The odor is faint but agreeable.

An English work in treating of the plant says, that it blooms about once in two years, is of very slow growth, but when in bloom retains its beauty for a long time. This plant may not be a rare one to many readers of the Gardener's Monthly, but it is to me, and lovers of bulbs, like myself, may be glad to hear of it.