Until the writer was some years in the Editorial Chair, he never could understand how it was that even under the most righteous provocation, the prophets of old were justified in getting so mad as to tear their clothes all off their backs. But those who have been where we are know how it is. And yet there is the pleasant side to editorial life, and the few past weeks we have had a good share of it. Never in all our experience have there been so many kind en-couraging words sent with renewals as this sea-son; not for some years so few "regrets they cannot continue;" for some years never so many new names to record on the subscription books. We feel that we must be doing a useful work, to receive so many thanks. Our chief regret is that so many who began with us have now passed away for ever. It is always a pleasure to hear from the few pioneers left. Dr. S. McC, of Olney, III., writes: "This is my twenty-third year's subscription to the Gardener's Monthly." What a world of information in our twenty-two bound volumes! We take the indices ourselves sometimes and look at them.

They form an encyclopoedia of American garden progress.