A St. Louis correspondent writes: - "Throw a beam of light on the following, through the pages of the Monthly: In one of the houses of the Missouri Botanical Gardens is to be seen a palm named Pritchardia Gaudichaudii. A friend of mine is very desirous of adding this variety to his already large collection of palms (over one hundred), but cannot find it named in the principal American and European catalogues. He has written to several firms, and the answer comes they do not know it. I think it is not named in Loudon. Query, is the above name a misnomer, or, is it also known under some other name?"

[Pritchardia was not known in Loudon's time. Pritchardia filifera is the well-known species from Southern California. We do not know the species referred to by our correspondent, but it has the appearance of a genuine name. Such palm growers as Linden of Brussels, could probably supply it. - Ed. G. M.]

A correspondent kindly says: - "I see an inquiry about Pritchardia Gaudichaudii in May Monthly. It is quite a common palm in choice collections, under the name of P. Pacifica. Such, Hovey and others have it for sale. It is a native of the Sandwich Islands."

To this information Mr. Sereno Watson adds: "The Pritchardia Gaudichaudii, Wendland, is a Sandwich Island palm, first described by Martius as a Livistona."