A writer urging forest planting has the following:

"Some one writing upon this subject gives this fact: ' A man in Wisconsin planted a piece of land with black walnut, twenty-three years ago. The land flooded spring and summer and was unfit for ordinary cultivation; the trees are now from sixteen to eighteen inches in diameter and have been sold for $27,000.'"

We all want to see forest planting judiciously encouraged. We have no doubt the black walnut is a very profitable tree to plant. But we take the ground that reckless statements often do more harm than good. It would be worth knowing more about this "man in Wisconsin." Allowing twenty-five feet square for each tree, and this is more than is needed, as the trees brought $25 each, it would give $125 per acre per year. Of course interest on the original value of the land has to be charged against this, but even then the profit is so much over what corn would bring, that it is well worth having ! the matter in more detail. Who was he?