A Long Island correspondent says: - "The observations made in Seasonable Hints in Gardener's Monthly, correspond with my practice and experience for forty years. The true theory and art of pruning is too little understood and is a life-long study, and many an unshapely tree can by proper pruning be made an object of beauty. On a recent visit to the highly ornamental grounds of C. A. Dana, it was a feature of particular enjoyment to note the symmetry of his extensive and beautiful collection of trees. And friend Dana was as much at home with his pruning knife among them as with his pen in pursuing his great literary labors. There was so much to see and admire; such taste and good judgment displayed that I wished my friends, Meehan and Josiah Hoopes, were also there to enjoy it. It is on an island comprising about thirty-five acres with a coast line bounded by the Long Island Sound on three sides, affording a water prospect unequaled near New York. His mushroom cellar was a curiosity; he had had good success until last spring.

The water permeated through the bottom and made it too damp, but by digging a trench down to the foundation of the walls the water was led away and the young plants were growing nicely."