Prunus Simoni

Under this name Professor Bessey has a peculiar peach-like species, which has been found quite hardy in the college grounds at Ames, Iowa.

Samuel Miller

Among the pleasant faces seen in the East this summer, that of Samuel Miller of Bluffton, Missouri, was conspicuous. The raiser of the Martha grape, and Captain Jack strawberry is always a welcome visitor in pomological circles; while here in his old home, Pennsylvania, there are many personal friends who were glad again to shake him by the hand.

Wild Roses For Their Ornamental Fruit

Almost all the wild species of roses have very sweet and showy flowers, which merit for them a place in a choice flower garden; but some of them have the merit of very showy fruit, which gives them an attraction through fall into early winter. Among the best for this purpose is the English Dog Rose, Rosa Canina; Cinnamon Rose, Rosa Cinnamonea; and the Carolina Rose, Rosa Carolina.

Two Colored Mosaic Beds

Reveu de L'Horticulture Beige notes that attempts to make Mosaic beds often fail from attempting too much in one bed. It says that a very pretty effect may be had from two plants, only, in the following design, the small circles being devoted to Alter-nanthera, and the balance of the bed to Echeveria.

Two Colored Mosaic Beds 37

Lily Disease

As most persons know, the great enemy of Lily culture is a fungus disease. Thousands die out, and no one knows why. The Gardener's Chronicle states that the fungus has at last been identified by Mr. Berkely, who finds it to be Ovularia elliptica, and closely allied to the Perenospora infestans, which causes the Potato disease.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

This comprises 1,050 acres, and is very popular; 1,600,000 persons visited it last year. There are immense green-houses, and the fine collections have been recently enriched by Sikkim R0hododendrons from Sir Joseph Hooker.

Mule Pinks

These, which are hybrids between the Chinese pink and Sweet William, are very pretty border flowers. Mr. J. G. Eisele, one of Philadelphia's rising class of intelligent florists sends us some strains of his own by direct use of the two species as parents, which are very beautiful indeed.

Double Gladiolus

"A. D. W.," Galion, O., writes: " I have growing in my garden a double gladiolus, a sprout from La Candeur. This is somewhat unusual, is it not? I never heard of such a thing before. The color is a flesh white, streaked carmine and scarlet throat; has to each flower seventeen petals, and spikes are two feet long."

[Unusual - and it will be a valuable variety if you can get it to reproduce itself from bulblets, as we know of no reason why it should not. - Ed. G. M.]