Red And White Oleander

Mr. Jacob Linx-wieller, of Hamilton County, Ohio, has a large oleander with red and white flowers on the same plant. - the two kinds having been grafted on one stock.

Cereus Grandiflorus

This with us is the "Night Blooming Cereus." In Brazil, according to Dr. Ernst, in his recent work, "Las Familias mas importantes del Reino Vegetal," it is known as the " Night Queen."

Greenhouses Of W. B. Reed At Chambers-Burg, Pa

A plant of Mareschal Niel rose in these greenhouses covers 360 square feet. Last season 3,007 rose buds were cut from it. As in many establishments just now the raising of young roses is a specialty of the business.

Ruellia Devasiana

"P." wants to know what is Ruellia devasiana?

Stenocarpus Cunninghamii

" C. E. P." wants to know whether it is a rare occurrence for Stenocarpus Cunninghamii to produce seed. My plant has a quantity of seed pods on it.

Calonyction Grandiflora

" C. E. P." says "Will some of the readers of the Monthly be so good as to favor me with a description of a vine named Calonyction grandiflora."

[Calonyction is an old abandoned genus. They are properly Ipomaea, or, as one might say, belong to the " Morning Glory" family.

We have not seen Ipomaea grandiflora; if any one knows aught of its merits for floriculture we should be glad to have the information requested. - Ed. G. M.]

Cook's Tree Protector

The majority of insects which annoy the horticulturist are born on the foliage which they destroy. In New England some seem to hatch in the ground and ascend by the trunk to the foliage. Where these exist, Cook's tree protector - which is a contrivance encircling the trunk and holding oil - is a good thing.

Italian Broccoli

The ordinary Broccoli grows in heads like cauliflower. The Italians have produced a class they call sprouting Broccoli, which has small heads on long succulent arms, and which are produced in great numbers from one plant. It is said to be a delicious vegetable.

Shade For Raspberries

At the July meeting of the Montgomery County (Ohio) Horticultural Society one of the most experienced fruit growers of Ohio, President Ohmer, advocated planting berries in old orchards, where partial shade and protection is afforded.

Profits Of Strawberries

Mr. N. Ohmer, of Dayton, O., has given up strawberry growing for market, they proving less profitable than raspberries.

Monson's Perfection Lettuce is praised by Dr. Warder.

Mushroom Culture

'•'Novice," Philadelphia, says: "Moved by the papers in the Monthly, I experimented with mushroom culture. To-day I have cut my first fifty, but they are all small, running from the size of a quarter to half a dollar, and about as thin. Can any one with experience in this country tell me if the first pickings usually come small this way, and why? I hope I shall have larger ones after a time."