"A subscriber," Phila, says: "A few weeks ago I was in the greenhouse of an amateur friend. I noticed his calla lilies looked very much drawn, and when I asked the reason he said the roof had not the right slant. Now if this is the fact, why would it not be a good idea to have some persons of experience tell the readers of the Monthly what is the best slant to grow the different plants to the best advantage? If you think this of enough importance, please answer in the Gardener's Monthly, as it might benefit some of your readers."

[It was quite likely that the roof was too flat, for to flower calla lilies well in the winter season, they require direct sunlight, which is best secured by a steep pitch. The best pitch for a house cannot well be given without knowing the general purposes for which the house is to be put. Though a steep pitch is best where a full supply of winter flowers is desirable, it is objectionable in making the plants themselves one sided and shapeless. As a medium angle, it is usual to recommend 45°. - Ed. G. M.]