This is a list of the newspapers and magazines of the United States, with such facts concerning them as Rowell & Co. believe will be useful to advertisers. Rowell & Co. seem to have had much trouble with the newspaper men as to the circulation of their several papers. To their inquiries they obtained about the same answer as they would get were they to ask middle-aged ladies how old they were. Of course,it is of some consequence to an advertiser to know how many papers a newspaper sells, but it is a long way from being as essential as newspaper agencies believe. We may cast a pearl before a thousand swine, and they would hardly look at it, and it would pay much better to exhibit the pearl to a dozen appreciative people. In like manner we know of magazines of five thousand or thereabouts in which it pays infinitely better to advertise than in some of fifty thousand, circulating among a class that does not buy at all. If Messrs. Rowell were to pay more attention to informing their readers about the characters of the papers as advertising mediums, and worry less about "discovering the circulation," we fancy they would make their work more valuable.