J. C. writes on subject of the pronunciation of oleomargarine: "Will you allow me to say that I think you are in error in your reply (in February's G. M.) to the question of a correspondent as to the correct pronunciation of 'Olio margarini.' There is a rule, and one, as I believe, without an exception in our language (nor so far as I know in any of the most generally spoken modern languages) which is that g before a, o and u is always hard, and only soft before e and i. The rule is, in our language, absolute. If, in any of the other tongues alluded to, the g is softened before a, o or u (a very rare circumstance) it is done by means of a cedilla, which makes another letter of it. The vulgar pronunciation of margarine with g soft is therefore unwarrantable, and manifestly incorrect."