Mississippi Valley Horticultural Society, of which Mr. Parker Earle is President, says: "The next annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley Horticultural Society will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September, 1831. The meeting will be mainly for the reading of papers and general discussions of horticultural topics. Many of the leading horticulturists of the country have signified their intention to be present at the meeting, and papers have been promised from William Saunders, of Washington, D. C.; Prof. S. A. Forbes, of Normal, III.; T. V. Munson, of Denison, Texas; S. M. Wiggins, of New Orleans, La.; G. W.

Campbell, of Delaware, Ohio; T. T. Lyon, of South Haven, Mich.; J. Decker, of Fern Creek, Ky.; Prof. T. J. Burrill, of Champaign, III.; Prof. J. L. Budd, of Ames, Iowa; Prof. George Husmann, of Columbia, Mo.; W. H. Ragan, of Clayton, Ind.; J.J. Colmant, of Columbus, Miss.; J. A. Warder, of Cincinnati, Ohio. Other valuable papers are expected.