At a recent meeting of the Kentucky Horticultural Society, a report says:

" Col. Bennett H. Young's exhibit was confined to grapes, which were just as fine as they can be produced. They were protected by bags made of paper or of netting during the growing and ripening season, and came out fresh, clean and luscious to behold. He showed plates of the following varieties: Noah, Elvira, Cynthiana, Lady, Janesville, Tallman, Uhland, Venango, Maxatawney, North Carolina, Concord, Lewis, Salem, Delaware, Mary Ann, Rogers' Hybrid, Perkins, Ives, Hertford Cottage, Diana, Martha, Rebecca, Eva, Worden Seedling, Brant, Rogers' Nos. 12 and 32, Merrimac, Belvidere, Norton's Virginia, and Creveling."