Good example, fortunately, as well as bad, is contagious. Government gardens devoted to vegetables and flowers will assuredly demonstrate the capabilities of soils and climates before the eyes of settlers, and stimulate them to like attempts. Unquestionably it will pay to establish at every post upon the frontier a large, well appointed garden under the care of experienced men; and it is to be regretted that the United States Department of Agriculture has not taken this in hand long ago. - Burnett Landreth in United Service Magazine.

A man with some experience as a gardener can be found in every garrison, and under.his direction others can be broken in to the work. Why should not the Government enlist a sufficient number of expert gardeners to send one to every important frontier post? Surely the people's money is spent often to less advantage. - Ibid.

The intelligent culturist will be brought to notice the effect of various forms of potash, nitrogen and lime; he will gradually be drawn into geological research, for he must study the peculiar features of the soil. Finally he will find that the birds are all his co-partners in the garden.

Valuable SapphireMineshswe lately been found in Siam. One weighing 370 carats in the rough, is the largest hitherto found. The ruby, onyx and jade are also found but of inferior quality.