The experiment of building a house with double brick walls with a little light through double glass windows, has been so successful in Tower Grove Park, at St. Louis, that Mr. Shaw, the generous proprietor of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, is about to erect one of a beautiful ornamental design on these grounds. We look forward to the time when these houses will be the most popular of institutions. They are cheaply built, and by keeping out the cold, comparatively little artificial heat is required. They keep clear of Red Spider, Scale and Mealy Bug, and come out of winter quarters as good as new. Anything that does not need a temperature of over 45° or 50° will keep in these houses, - and few things need more when they are not growing.

As is well known, Mr. Shaw intends to donate these gardens in the interest of botany and gardening, to public uses forever, after his death. It is pleasant to every one who has ever visited this beautiful spot to feel that so much of loveliness is to endure, and not, as is usual with so much of our horticultural experiences, to be finally swept away by the demand of speculators in real estate.